con:sens | better. together. Your interpreters and translators for video conferences and online events. From our RSI Suite.

Video conferencing and state-of-the-art online and streaming technology allow you to be seen and heard in no time and with no hassle – around the globe. We ensure smooth operation of the technical equipment and the interpreting at your online event. Complete with high-end equipment from us, as one single provider. We’re also happy to record the event and our interpretation for your website and social media: added value and increased visibility for you.

interpreters for video conferences – via zoom into the world. Your translators and interpreters for video conferences and online events. From our RSI Suite.

We have our own zoom licenses and can host your video conferences. Our expert streaming technician takes care of setting up and operating the conference. Our interpreting studio just outside Bonn features state-of-the-art video conferencing technology for distance interpreting, also known as Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI). Our technician is on-site to support your event throughout.

Our RSI suite comprises a redundant internet connection, via landline and LTE, as well as 55” screens, headsets with ActiveGuard to protect interpreters from acoustic shock as well as audio mixers to access two sound streams at the same time: ideal working conditions for online conferences.


redundant internet connection

landline & LTE

zoom conferences

hosting & interpreting video conferences on zoom

tech support

before, during and after your event, tailored to your needs

headsets & mics

as used by true professionals

video conferencing

hosting and technical support


right outside the Studio. Or use our shuttle service.

Just ask. We’ll provide a quote for your multilingual video conference tailored to your needs.


con:sens | better. together. Leverage the benefits of our RSI studio.

state-of-the-art technology and top-notch senior interpreters from one single provider

no need to worry about licenses, software or equipment.

no crashes! Our professional and reliable tech experts are with you throughout your conference.

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Our interpreting suite is located in Bad Honnef, just outside Bonn, Germany.

Leonhard-Kraus-Str. 8
53604 Bad Honnef