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We communicate for you. Internationally.

We offer services covering German, English, Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese. For other languages, we work with an extensive network of outstanding interpreters. We prepare for and process complex subjects fast and ensure smooth communication – across the languages you and your partners understand and speak.

simultaneous Interpreting

When interpreting simultaneously, we work in soundproof booths in teams of two or three per language – in real time, simultaneously. This enables us to interpret into a range of different languages at the same time at conferences, product launches, expert symposiums, press conferences or conventions. If needed, we provide this service on the go through a bidule system for factory tours or trade fair visits, for instance.

consecutive interpreting

Dinner speeches, award ceremonies, state visits or small-scale talks: This is where we would interpret consecutively. This means we interpret chunks of speech without an interpreting booth. We note down what is being said and reproduce it in a language your guests understand.

whispered interpreting / chuchotage

In chucotage, we interpret simultaneously for one or two listeners. We sit right next to your guests and whisper our interpretation into their ear.

on-site events

If you want your partners to see you and your project on-site, you’ll invite speakers, guests and us to your premises as your venue of choice. We interpret on-site in either simultaneous or consecutive mode while our technicians ensure excellent sound quality. And when you’re looking to network with your guests and plan new projects, we’ll be there for you, too.

online video conferencing

To communicate highly topical issues with a larger audience all around the world, video conferences are an ideal solution. Save time during video conferences, too, by having us interpret simultaneously, on a video conferencing platform that are fully GDPR compliant. To this end, we either work from an interpreting studio or bring in additional interpreters through an external hub.

hybrid events

Meeting on site with some participants joining online: You prefer to meet your guests in person if at all possible. Those who can’t travel to the venue join in online. Hybrid events maximise your reach. We interpret in booths at the conference venue or join in via video conferencing from a room next door or off-site. We gladly organise conferencing equipment and interpreting as a one-stop solution for your hybrid events.


Naturally, we also produce, check and manage written translations such as business communication, event documents, technical documentation, contracts and expert texts on your products and subject areas.

project consulting

How many interpreters, what languages, what type of equipment do I need? Simultaneous interpreters, consecutive, bidule / tourguide system, language combinations and team strength – what does all this mean? You’re looking for a venue for your event? We provide complete quotes covering all the bases for your event to be a success. Reliable and trustworthy, with one single point of contact, we are happy to support you from the earliest stages of your project.

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